The Almost Perfect Macaroons


Heres how cooking goes down in our house.

My little brother wanted to make macaroons, I had taken a cooking class once and therefore I thought I knew what I was doing.

I did not.

So here is how to make macaroons. Step one: meringue

We cracked three eggs and measured hem precisely to 80g when we realised we might not have enough sugar to make the sugar syrup which followed with a conversation about whether or not you can put hot syrup into eggs or if it was one of those cooking things that you can only do right if you are magic. Like nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver.

As my brother beat the eggs into submission I poured sugar into water and looked back at the book several times in case the words changed and said that I did need to stir the sugar in. it did not in case you were wondering. So as my eyes received a steam room kind of experience from not taking my eyes off of the boiling water because I’ll be damned if I don’t get this right, I won’t trust no damn thermometer, my brother was facing a similar dilemma as he couldn’t understand why the eggs had tripled in size and then went back down again. Had he done something wrong? No, it was just the mysteries of baking.

So, we mixed the eggs with the sugar syrup, folded in the meringue with the almond and sugar with a lot of shouting and backseat stirring and threatening that would have been threatening if the featured weapon hadn’t been a wooden spoon currently sticking to his hand.

That was until we realised that we didn’t have anything to pipe with, baking paper or circles. The little ones that you draw so they are all the same shape.

As if the world was sympathising with us, a rain storm so strong we thought it might knock down the hose came crashing at our windows as we put our… wobbly macaroons in the oven as if it were knocking on the door to say ‘I smell cookies!’.

15 minutes and two teas later the macaroons came out and they were perfect. Almost. Well, one was about half the size of the first, two could have been the size of my hand and one, I kid you not, looked a little like matt Damon.

The filling was a little south from being as runny as water but it was a great dipping sauce, so we ate them like crackers while we planned our next baking expedition.

Is soufflé to complicated?


by Zelda

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