Our weird dog Bailie

IMG_0122Our dog Bailie is a rescue dog. she looks ordinary. sounds ordinary. Smells ordinary (which isn’t so much of a good thing) and she’s lovely beyond all sense of meaning but she’s…


Its little things that make her more than a little unusual, like her inability to turn left, the fact that she cant walk unless there are at least three people with her, she has to check on everyone at least five times a night by waking them up, licking their toes and then getting back on my bed and stealing all the blanket. In that order.

She’s lovely, just weird. like if derrick Zoolander was Scooby Doo and was created by Dr Seuss kind of strange.

And her favourite drink is tea. From mums mug.


For example. A week or so ago I was getting ready for work but I couldn’t find a shirt, in the laundry, in my wardrobe, in my brothers wardrobe, in my dads wardrobe so I asked mum for help and like magic one seemed to materialise into her hand. So, I went to go change when it turned out that that shirt was single handedly one of the most complicated bits of material that I have ever come across because it seemed to go in and out and all about. So after trying and failing several times and at one point somehow getting it inside out, arm in head hole, head in arm hole, back to front and upside down simultaneously. I came to mum in a rage telling her it was either a secret way to Narnia or it wasn’t a shirt. My mum, who was re arranging her bookshelves by colour, quietly and calmly, put the shirt back in my hands and said ‘do it now’ so I did .and it worked.

Meanwhile, our weird dog bailie who had been following me every step of the way decided it was a good idea after I was fully clothed and looking for my phone to jump on top of me so it was like an elephant was sitting on my chest. Her breath, that smelt weirdly like tea, was hocking in my face as she placed her paw on my face and started licking my hand.

I had five minutes to get to work.

So after explaining to our weird dog Bailie why I had to go and refusing her several times when she asked if she could come and bring everyone with her because theres no way that she could just go with two people. I finally got out the door and got all the way to work.

Before I realised I wasn’t wearing shoes.

And had to walk back again.

Bailie was pleasantly surprised.


by Zelda

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